Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Directions for the Year 2011

Greetings folks from the asylum where this twisted mind unwittingly resides.

Now I know I have been missing for quite sometime now after my last Blog entry which is aeons ago. Yes just like that he's gone. By the way the last phrase was a quote from a famous movie... Which I would say go figure!

Here is the deal. This Blog will take a different approach now. Instead of me just using it to rant out my frustrations, I would be writing reviews. No m not getting paid. This reviews would be the places the food the drinks the movies pretty much everything that I feel taste touch see and experience.

Going forward everything will be more categorised accordingly to their required section.

My target of achieving this. Build a repertoire and cult following. At the same time reach out to people specially you by letting you the wheres the whats and the whos from anything to everything.

Its going to be a roller coaster ride so hang on.


-Aruna's Brain-
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