Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Directions for the Year 2011

Greetings folks from the asylum where this twisted mind unwittingly resides.

Now I know I have been missing for quite sometime now after my last Blog entry which is aeons ago. Yes just like that he's gone. By the way the last phrase was a quote from a famous movie... Which I would say go figure!

Here is the deal. This Blog will take a different approach now. Instead of me just using it to rant out my frustrations, I would be writing reviews. No m not getting paid. This reviews would be the places the food the drinks the movies pretty much everything that I feel taste touch see and experience.

Going forward everything will be more categorised accordingly to their required section.

My target of achieving this. Build a repertoire and cult following. At the same time reach out to people specially you by letting you the wheres the whats and the whos from anything to everything.

Its going to be a roller coaster ride so hang on.


-Aruna's Brain-
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Johan Gielan at Fly Fm 5th Anniversary

The only reason I would leave the house on a rainy day here in Kuala Lumpur is not for the Anniversary party but for the 1 hour set by Johan Gielan.

Hailing from the Netherlands the deck maestro have been pumping wicked beats since he was 17. With almost a decade of experience under his belt he is in Kuala Lumpur bringing the KL Live Centre roof down.

Not just his skill on the decks were good (specially his rendition of Swedish House Mafia - One) Johan has microphone skills as well. What a crowd pleaser.

Certainly a great night for night to keep the ball rolling all the way for the major event of the year Godskitchen Boombox on 4th December in Sepang International F1 circuit.
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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Party at Vanity Mansion 29.10.2010

This is my actual first halloween in my new city Kuala Lumpur. Yeah been here almost a year now but this is my first where I really dressed up for it and getting into the mood.

Crime scene was this club called Vanity Mansion whose former name was known as Heritage Mansion located at the Asian Heritage Row.

Wad invited for the event by Jay Gasper and Emceedeep both comrads of mine at the place I work. Jay being himself was wearing some self stitch white outfit and Deep was in all superman.

Music that was played was mostly hip hop n house sadly no trance but its expected due to the crowd. Overall its a good event but the organizers could have done better coz music repeats after awhile and there is not much crowd engagement activities.

Overall crowd was awesome met lovely ladies dance n can whore with them.

Did I tell u that I was like a instant celebrity... Cam whored not just with locals but tourist as well.

Time to think for next outfit.
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween Folks

This is what I look like
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New Look for my Nexus One

Just flashed d updated Rom CM (Cynogenmod) 6.1 RC 1 and also Minimal Matte Theme Port by Djdarkknight... Here is how my nexus looks like now.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010


This was my first Twtup... OK what's that huh? Well simply its Twitter Meet up... Its held at the TTDI Community Hall on the 23rd October ( which is on a birthday of one of the organizing committee @karrotgold ) and my of my despite the rain the turn up was awesome. By the way the Super Swarm Badge in Foursquare was unlock during this event and to unlock this badge it requires min 250 ppl.

I know its going to be big as Shakeer keeps telling me but never expect it to be this big.

Well organized event kudos to the committee and what s friendly bunch of tweetpeeps they are. The participants are entertained with tons of activities ps3 tournaments like the Pro Evolution Soccer & Rockband, card games, lucky draw plus performance by participants n special one by the dude from Teh Tarik Crew Altimet. Plus the mc of the event was none other than c-loco from Poetic Ammo.

Had a delicious sandwich made by @aidasue... Its cheap as well. Beauty bout this event is that its an opportunity to meet n make new friends.

Next Twtup? Hell yeah I'll be there! See the photo of the kid...i lost to him in the Pro Evolution Soccer game n I want my revenge muahaha!
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

My thoughts on Blackest Night

Well finally I finished DC Blackest Night series written by Geoff Jones.

Now I find that the series took off on a very good promising note which emotion are widely played to the fullest extend especially in volume 1 - 2. Best scene was when Hal narating the heartache of being a superhero. Or when the tragic death of Hawk woman confessing her love for Carter Hall.

However as the series build up towards the climax or to me an anti climax this series seems to fade. Guess Jason was right its a little to much for the storyline to handle as I felt its rushed with unnecessary scenes.

Overall its a good read but I wouldn't call it the best... Not enough to triumph over Crisis of Infinite Earths and identity crisis.

The board should have just let Sinestro to shine as he deserves it but his moment was short lived cut down by another:

“ My name is Hal Jordan I'm the saviour of the Universe so suck green balls villain and call me papa”

Yes that's what went thru my mind towards the final chapter of Blackest Night.

A good read on rainy days nothing more.
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